Vietnam’s Hoi An leads list of world’s top 15 cities

With 10 USD, visitors to Hoi An city in central Quang Nam province can kayak along the city’s Hoai river on a mission to collect rubbish.

Gary, an Australian tourist, is preparing for a kayak tour on Hoai river. Unlike other common tours, during his trip, besides kayaking, Gary and other members of the tour were equipped with tools to remove rubbish dropped in the waters.

The unique tour stresses 6 km along the peaceful Hoai River, helping raising awareness among local people and tourists about keeping Hoi An and its river clean and green.

It costs tourists 10 USD each to join the kayak clean-up tour, however, it is free for locals and students.It was a sweaty three-hour trip in the baking sun of the central region. But it was the desire to clean the environment of the heritage town of Hoi An that helps the kayakers forget their tiredness.

Over the last two months, tourists have collected as many as 500 kg of rubbish each tour. The effective tour has inspired and encouraged local people as well as tourist to clean the poetic river of the UNESCO recognised heritage city of Hoi An.